Treatment of hand and palms sweats

Treatment of hand and palm sweats; Excessive and uncontrolled sweating of the hands or palms is called palmar hyperhidrosis. This medical condition can cause shame and loss of self-esteem for the individual. It can affect the social life, education, occupational choices and careers of patients.

In short, hand sweat (Palmar hyperhidrosis) has been shown to have a significant negative impact on life.

What are the options of hyperhidrosis treatment?

* * ETS can be applied when other treatments are tried and failed.

If hand sweat is not severe, it can be reduced by sweating, cream, lotion, soap and gel. Aluminum chloride in these products reduces sweat sweat from sweat glands. However, if sweating is severe, this plug is pushed with high sweat pressure and treatment can be ineffective.

How does Botunilum toxin affect hand and palms?

Botulinum toxin has been widely used in sweating treatment in recent years. It is already known that botulinum toxin is effective in temporarily stopping muscle functions in the area where it is applied, and it has also been used in discontinuous sweating treatment.

Botulinum toxin treatment, which is preferred especially for underarm, face, hand and foot sweats, reduces the stimuli that cause sweating in the area for 4-6 months. It blocks the hypersensitivity of the sympathetic nervous system and reduces perspiration.

Is Botulinum toxin treatment painful in hand and palms sweating?

Injections can be painful in the treatment of botulinum toxin of palms and foot sweats. Your dermatologist will minimize this with local creams and different techniques.

When does Botulinum toxin treatment in hand and palms perspiration begin to take effect?

Decrease in sweating will begin 3 days after the application. On the 5th and 7th days, the effect reaches the highest level.

What other botulinum toxin is used in sweating?

It is used in the treatment of excessive sweating in the underarm, face and soles.

Who can be applied?

Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and patients with special muscle-nerve disease can be applied safely.

Are there any side effects of Botulinum toxin treatment in hand and palms sweating?

Side effects are usually application-dependent and dose-dependent. Temporary weakness in the muscles and temporary bruising may occur in the injection site.

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