Skin Renewal Treatment Methods

Can I have a better skin with Facial Skin Renewal?

For facial skin problems caused by aging or other damage, different treatment methods may improve the appearance of the skin, increase in quality, decrease in wrinkles, strain on the skin, shrinkage in the pores, and the removal of stains can be reduced. For this purpose, skin resurfacing, stains, pore-firming lasers, micro-needeling, anti-aging cold lasers, enzymatic peels can be used. It may require expertise and experience to discover the problem in the skin, find the source and choose the right treatment method to repair it.

Skin rejuvenation with the laser can be applied to other parts of the body, including most face and neck regions. Common redness, rosacea, is used to treat, reduce traces of surgery and helps in the renewal of the skin.

In the non-surgical skin stretching process, the head of the device has the structure to ensure that the laser light reaches the degrees to stimulate the collagen in the skin without burning the skin by performing the cooling-light-cooling processes respectively. Refrigeration will also help to lessen the pain that may occur in practice. Immediately after the operation of the skin stretching process, collagen contraction due to sudden tension in the skin immediately after the procedure is seen in the main collagen increase in 3-6 months to reach the maximum level.

Dermapen is a micro-needling method that activates natural collagen and elastin production of the skin with minimum epidermal damage. With the help of needles that have 90 degree angle to the skin, it creates deliberate damage and allows the skin to renew itself with the help of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Due to the 90 degree angle of the needles, the epidermis is much less damaged than other methods.

One of the treatment treatments is laser treatment. Wavelengths such as NdYag, Alexandrite and IPL are used in laser treatment.
In addition, glycolic acid and enzymatic exfoliation with hydroquinone special blend creams (Clingman’s formula) can be treated with stains.

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