Gummy Smile Treatment

What is Gummy smile?

Gummy Smile Treatment; When talking and laughing, gums are seen more than normal.

Gummy smile (Gingival smile) is called when the gums under the upper lip are more than 2-3 mm visible when they are talking or laughing. Creates a larger perception of your teeth. Gummy smile is an important problem that spoils the smile aesthetics. It is treated by reducing the excessive reaction of the muscles that affect the smile. Botulinum toxin is used in the treatment, 2 or 4 sometimes 5 different points can be injected. Injections are painless and lasts for 4-6 months.

The rate of occurrence of gummy smile or gingival smile in the society varies between 7-9%. Other than muscle problems, teeth, gums, short upper lip structure and skeletal problems can be caused by. For reasons other than hypersensitive or muscle-related gingival smile, help is required from a dentist or jaw surgeon.

Muscle-induced gummy smile;

The muscle levator labi is the superior alaque nasi, the levator labi superior, the depressor septi nasi, the zygomatic major and the zygomatic minor muscle. The active movement primarily determines the muscles to be injected according to the portion and direction of the gingiva remaining between the upper lip and the tooth.

Botulinum toxin is a bacterial bacterium that is effective in removing lines and wrinkles caused by excessive facial movements and mimics. It was first used in medicine for the treatment of strabismus.

Botulinum toxin applications are used especially for tooth squeezing, tooth squeaking, temporamandibular joint problems, correction of mimic muscles, gummy smile patients, correction of facial asymmetries and wrinkling.

Which substance is used for botox application?

Botulinum toxin is a protein called type A. Clostridium is produced by a bacterium called botulinum.

How to treat gummy smile with Botox application?

Local anesthesia can be applied to the area where botulinum toxin will be applied before application and local anesthesia can be performed, usually patients do not feel pain. Injections are applied to appropriate points on the nasolabial line. The procedure is about 5-10 minutes and patients can return to their daily life immediately after the application. Patients can be called for control after 10-15 days.

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