Paris Glow

What is Paris Sparkle?

What is Paris Glow?Paris Glow, Paris Glow Ankara, Paris Glow Ankara Çayyolu

Paris Glow, also known as NCTF-135 HA, is a mesotherapy product used for skin strengthening and renewal, that is, anti-aging. It contains hyaluronic acid as well as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and coenzymes that revitalize (regenerate) the skin. All these substances stimulate the fibroblasts in the skin and increase collagen production, elastin production, and hyaluronic acid production. Thus, the skin looks more vibrant and bright. It also has antioxidant properties. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid it contains, it also moisturizes the skin by retaining water. In addition to all these benefits, it also has the effect of smoothing fine wrinkles. In the scientific study, individuals who applied NCTF 135 HA achieved a 132% increase in moisturization and a 144% increase in radiance. A 59% reduction in pores, a 33% reduction in crow’s feet, and a 52% reduction in pigments were achieved.


As a result of the studies, it has been seen that the NCTF 135HA treatment, that is, the mesotherapy treatment, which we call Paris Sparkle and some call it the Youth Vaccine, is effective in reducing the skin symptoms of aging and is significantly superior to anti-aging creams.

How to Treat Paris Glow?

First of all, the specialist doctor decides whether you are suitable for this treatment and plans a treatment. During the interview, information about your concerns, expectations, and medical history is exchanged. In line with this information, realistic expectations are achieved.

Before the treatment, the skin is cleaned and an anesthetic cream is applied. The cream numbs your skin and significantly reduces your sense of pain. Subsequently, microinjections made into different depths of the skin can reduce wrinkles, make the skin look bright and moist, and increase collagen production and increase skin elasticity.

To which areas is Paris Sparkle applied?

Areas where the treatment is applied; It can be applied to facial rejuvenation, neck lines, décolleté area, hands, and abdomen, around the eyes.

Are Paris Sparkle and Youth Vaccine the Same Thing?

Yes, they are the same thing. The substance called vaccine NCTF 135 HA is a Mesotherapy product produced to improve skin health and appearance. Applications called youth vaccine or Paris glow are powerful anti-aging treatments with the same ingredients.

How often and how many sessions are performed for Paris Sparkle?

It is generally recommended to give 3 doses, two weeks apart. The results of the treatment can be permanent for up to 6 months. Permanence may vary depending on the person’s skin structure and lifestyle. Paris sparkle – Paris Sparkle Ankara – Youth Vaccine

How Permanent Is the Paris Glow?

As we mentioned above, permanence may vary from person to person. It may last for up to 6 months, after which it must be repeated. What we need to do with mesotherapy applications to have beautiful skin: Protecting our skin against daily pollution Balanced diet Drinking enough water Regular physical activity moisturizing the skin This includes not smoking.

Paris Glow Ankara, Paris Glow Ankara / Çayyolu

How long does the processing time take?

Paris glow treatment can usually be done in 30-40 minutes. When the redness that may occur in a short time disappears, you can have vibrant, dynamic, and radiant skin.

Is the Paris Sparkle procedure painful?

Since Paris Glow is a mesotherapy product applied under the skin, there is some pain during the procedure, although slight. Anesthetic cream and cold application before the procedure reduce the pain.

What are the side effects that may occur after Paris Sparkle?

The procedure is generally well tolerated, and there are no side effects. Although rare, side effects such as redness, bruising, itching, swelling, and allergies may occur.

Can I continue my daily life immediately after the procedure?

You can return to daily life immediately after the procedure. The slight redness and swelling that occurs will disappear within half an hour.

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy; It involves applying minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids as a mixture or individually to the middle layer of the skin in very small doses via microinjections to the needed area of the skin. The term meso means middle or average.

Mesotherapy, a method developed by doctor Michel Pistor in France to relieve pain, later;

• Skin renewal, anti-aging

• Regional slimming

• Cellulite and stretch marks

• Spots and scars

• Sports injuries

• Hair loss, hair diseases treatment

• It is used for weight loss and treatment of various skin diseases.

Paris Sparkle 2024 Prices

You can contact us to find out the single session price of Paris Glitter. If you are considering getting a youth vaccine to strengthen, maintain moisture balance, and revitalize your skin, you can contact our clinic.

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