Most Effective Laser Hair Removal System

What is laser hair removal?

Most Effective Laser Hair Removal System; We can describe laser hair removal as a technology that allows us to get rid of unwanted hair.

What is the mechanism of laser hair removal?

It includes a laser technology that enables the light of different wavelengths to be bundled and used for different purposes. Laser technology, which is used extensively in dermatology, is one of the most important reasons why hair removal processes are used in a shorter time, higher results and more painless technology.

What is the most effective method for laser hair removal?

The most effective method for laser hair removal is based on the skin color of the patient, the color of the hair and the body area where the epilation will be performed. In addition to the correct wavelengths used in laser hair removal, the power and configuration of the laser device must also be able to target the hair follicle. The patient has a specially selected wavelength and technology with sufficient laser systems.

What should be considered in laser hair removal?

Attention should be paid to the appropriate dose of the device, which is suitable for body area, skin type, skin color and hair structure differences.

Laser hair removal with Alexandrite laser;

It has a working principle which can be used in non-dark skin color and dark hair. It is important to remove feathers immediately after the process. Thanks to the high cooling system of the device, it is not painful. The laser beam directly reaches the hair root to give good results.

Laser hair removal with ND-YAG laser;

It is the longest wavelength epilation laser. The laser not only acts on the hair follicle, but also prevents the feeding of the hair follicle by targeting the perifollucular vein network around the hair. Thus, it can be effective on all types of hair and skin types in all seasons. Thanks to the high head-integrated coolant system, the device is not painful.

Laser hair removal with IPL laser;

IPL works with the principle of intense light shooting. More light skinned and light colored, fine hairs result.

Is there a laser hair removal done to the bronze skin in summer?

Laser hair removal in bronze is not preferred in summer. If the laser area is exposed to more sun, burns and stains may be risky. However, ND: YAG laser with deep wavelength can be applied to people with dark skin and black skin and bronze skin.

What should be the age of starting laser hair removal?

A definite age is not specified, but the average age is 14-16.

Is there a scar after laser epilation?

Redness after laser epilation is expected to occur. Normally the application should end completely within a few hours following the application. However, a mild redness-like picture may be seen on sensitive skin or overdosed skin. This condition can be corrected with 1-2 days of treatment without traces. After laser epilation, the skin may be exposed to sunbathing or solarium, and in special cases such as hereditary pigmentation problem. In general, these cases are temporary and disappear in time without leaving any traces.

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