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Cheekbone FillerCheekbone Filler

Before giving information about the stages of cheekbone filler treatment, let’s try to define what a young and beautiful appearance is, which is the most important stage in determining the suitable candidate.

Looking young and beautiful is not just about having no facial wrinkles. On a young face; There should be full cheeks, high cheekbones and a good jawline. The base of the area called the Youth Triangle is the cheekbones, and the apex is the tip of the chin. The face looks young when the cheekbones are prominent and high, the jaw line is sharp and the cheek volume is full.

As we age, this youthful triangle on the face often reverses. Under the influence of gravity and decreasing collagen, the double chin appears, the cheeks become flatter and their volume decreases. As the cheek sags, the line from the nasolabial area to the corner of the mouth deepens and the face becomes more rectangular. All this change is a symptom of the aging process and is a natural process seen in everyone.

To which areas of the face is filler applied?

There are various methods to eliminate signs of aging and deformities on the face. Among these, in addition to surgical ones, there are also non-surgical face lift treatments. Non-surgical face lift procedures are frequently preferred, especially in the middle age group.

Non-surgical face lift procedures; These are face lifting procedures with filler or face shaping with filler. Facial areas where fillers are applied; With cheekbone filler , under-eye filler and nasolabial line filler, that is, mid-face filler, the face looks younger and livelier.

Facial rejuvenation with fillers can be performed by a specialist doctor in a short time under examination conditions, and then the patient can continue his daily life.

What is cheekbone filler?

Facial filler treatment aims to provide a youthful appearance by increasing the support in the facial area called the malar region , the outer upper part of the cheeks . The lack of volume that occurs in the malar area or cheekbones with age is corrected by midface filling. When the mid-face lift is performed, the deficiency in the malar area is eliminated, and the darkness under the eye and the lower eyelid-cheek distance are also shortened. In addition, the depth of the nasolabial lines extending from the edge of the nose to the corner of the mouth decreases. In this way, the face becomes triangular and looks younger again.

What is used as cheekbone filler?

Fillers such as hyaluronic acid fillers, calcium hydroxyapatite crystals and fat fillers are used for facial treatment. Since deep applications will be made in this region, larger molecule filler materials with a high number of cross-links are preferred.

Facial fillers containing hyaluronic acid are thinner than facial fillers containing calcium hydroxyapatite crystals. It gives good results for lips, cheeks and nasolabial folds.
 Calcium hydroxyapatite crystals have recently been recognized as an important component of facial fillers due to their long-term safety and reliability. This FDA-approved product has no risk of side effects.
With crystal filling, the depression in the cheekbones is eliminated and they are given shape. Not suitable for eyes, forehead, fine wrinkles and lips.

When does midface filler show its effect?

The effect of midface filler is seen immediately. There may be some swelling after midface filling. The swelling that occurs disappears within 2-3 days. Since the application is made in the deep plane, bruising is generally not expected after midface filling.

How long does cheekbone filler last?

Generally, cheekbone and facial fillers last between 6 months and 2 years, but this depends on the type of filler used. In addition, the person’s skin structure and lifestyle may also affect the longevity of the filler. Hyaluronic acid fillers last 6 to 12 months, calcium hydroxylspatite 12 to 18 months or up to 2 years.

How are facial filler and cheekbone filler prices determined?

Facial filler prices vary depending on the amount of product used, the quality of the product and the person applying it. The price of facial filler or cheekbone filler in Ankara varies depending on the clinic where the application is performed, the amount of filler used and the experience of the person performing it in this field.  You can call our clinic to get information about face and cheekbone filler prices in 2024 .

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