Hair Loss Treatment with Laser

Hair Loss Treatment with Laser

Hair Loss Treatment with Laser; Scientific studies have shown that low level laser is effective in the treatment of androgenetic hair loss in women and men by activating aging cells. The underlying mechanism of how it works is not fully understood but it is believed that ATP in the cell; by increasing nitric oxide amounts, reduces the accumulation of DHT hence preventing thinning and hair loss. Two distinct different types of lasers have been developed for use either at home or in the clinic for the treatment of hair loss. This treatment method is safe; there is no risk of burning the skin since the heat comes from a laser source. It is also known as low level laser therapy or cold laser.


Can laser hair loss therapy be used together with other medication?

Yes, Minoxidil and Finasteride can be used together with laser; there’s no need of stopping the medication. However, since they do not want to take medication, such treatment methods are more preferable.

Laser hair loss treatment is approved by the FDA. There are also many scientific studies on the effectiveness of this treatment method.

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