Dr. Ekrem Civas

Aesthetic Dermatology and
Hair Diseases Clinic

We offer “Simple, Effective, Safe and Sustainable” treatments using advanced and current technology and techniques for hair loss treatments and non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

Civas Dermatology Group Hair Problems and Aesthetic Dermatology Center


Some of the services we provide. You can contact us for detailed information.

Assoc. Prof.Ekrem Civaş

I completed my dermatology residency in 1999. During my education, I was interested in Dermatological Surgery. I am interested in hair transplantation and treatment of hair loss in 1999, botox and filler applications in 2000, and lasers used in skin stretching, epilation, vascular lesions, stains and scar treatments since 2004.

dr ekrem civaş
civas clinic


To provide my patients with excellent options in the fields of Aesthetic and Clinical Dermatology that we are interested in.


Providing our patients with the world’s best technologies, providing them with access to the latest treatments and quality care.
To be with the patient by giving priority to patient education and the needs of the patient in clinical applications.
Advancing the national health system through leadership in Dermatology education and research in our areas of expertise.
To contribute to scientific developments through discovery and innovation.


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Slimming Cavitation

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Hair Transplantation For Women

Female patients suffering from hair loss should be examined by a dermatologist to rule out treatable medical conditions that can…
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