Non-Surgical Nose Aesthetics Ankara

Nose Fill

In recent years, nose filling is the most important surgical procedure for people who are not afraid of surgery or have not enough time to recover. Patients do not want to take a risk without surgery and do not hesitate. For non-operative nose aesthetics or Liquid Rhinoplasty, fillers with Hyaluronic acid or Calcium apatite are generally used.

What is the duration of nose filling?

Within 15 to 30 minutes, patients are encouraged to return to work or daily life by alleviating their problems. The areas to be filled with local anesthesia can be anesthetized prior to the procedure.

What are the risks of nose filling for non-surgical nasal aesthetics?

The filling of the capillary arterial vessels in the nasal region is one of the most important complications with filling application. When the needle comes into the vein, hyaluronic acid clogs the vein. Clogging of the nasal artery causes necrosis of the skin and consequently the traces of the nose.

What is the persistence of nose filling?

Depending on the type, quantity and biological processes of the filler used, the retention period of the filling varies between 8-12 months.

What can be done with non-surgical nasal aesthetics;

Nasal curvatures can be partially or completely eliminated
Nasal tip removable
Problems caused by nose aesthetic surgery can be eliminated
Nasal lip composition can be clarified
Straighten nose back
Nasal asymmetries can be corrected.

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