Hemangioma Treatment

Hemangioma Treatment

Hemangioma treatment with laser is applied in sessions. Hemangiomas (benign vascular tumor) are structural vascular moles and they are benign. They may require treatment for cosmetic reasons, bleeding and infection. They are simply divided into congenital and subsequently formed blood moles in the body.

Childhood Hemangiomas (Birthmark)

Although it is believed that hemangioma treatment occurs as a result of not eating what is desired during pregnancy (strawberry, watermelon, cherry), the real cause is not known. It is formed by the collection of veins. It can be flat, pink, red or purple in color, puffy from the skin. It occurs in 10% of newborns. Some of them can heal spontaneously, while others need to be treated. The treatment to be done depends on the type of lesion.

Although the treatment of hemangioma with laser varies according to the nature of the lesion, different laser wavelengths can be used. (Nd-yag, LimeLight, Pulse Dye, KTP etc). Small hemangiomas (usually seen in adults’ bodies) can be treated in a single session, while 3-4 sessions of laser treatment may be required for larger infancy hemangiomas.

From How Old Can Infancy Angiomas Be Treated?

There is no exact information on this subject, some people are in favor of waiting. The age of starting laser therapy varies according to the location of the hemangioma, the age and psychological state of the patient. Congenital laser treatment in infants and children creates difficulties in terms of pain. Sedatives can be used in large lesions or distressing cases.

The disease known as hemangioma in medicine is known as vascular lobe among the people and it is called. Hemangioma, a disease encountered in newborn babies, is a disease that scares parents. However, it is a benign and vascular problem. It is necessary not to panic and to be followed carefully. Because the vein can either disappear spontaneously or show a tendency to grow. As we understand from here, parents should definitely not have any worry or panic and should carefully monitor the size of the vascular moles in their children. If it does not pass and grows, examination and treatment should be performed by applying to specialist and experienced health centers.

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