Port Wine Stain Treatment

Port Wine Stain Treatment

Port Wine Stain Treatment

Port Wine Stain Treatment; Port wine stain, also called port wine, is in the class of capillary vascular malfarmations. As it can be seen in any part of the body, it is mostly seen on the face. It can be a source of psychological stress in childhood.

Port wine stains are usually large purple or dark red lesions that occur in 0.3% of the population.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment of port wine stain can be treated by using lasers of different wavelengths together. The procedure is planned as 4-8 sessions on average. In each session, a certain amount of wine stains lighten in color. The maximum lightening that can be achieved in the treatment depends on the age, color, depth of the wine stain and the wavelength of the laser used for the treatment.


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