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fat transfer ankaraFat Transfer

What is Fat Injection? What is Fat grafting? What is Fat transfer ?

Fat grafting Ankara, Ankara Fat Injection, Fat transfer Ankara; It is the process of applying fat cells taken from certain parts of the body to areas such as face, forehead, cheek, under eye, cheekbone and lips. Accordingly, although the fat is generally taken from the abdomen, the fat taken from the arms and legs can also be used as filling.

It is one of the most preferred aesthetic applications in recent years and can be used in many areas of the body. It is an aesthetic method that makes people happy with natural results and ease of application and low risk probability.

Face Filling Treatment ✓

What is Fat transfer process?

There are different techniques of fat injection application. In general, fats are taken with special liposuction injectors and transferred to the desired area with another injector. Since there is no incision during this application, sutures are not performed, local anesthesia is sufficient for the patient.

Face shaping with Fat Injection

Various deformations occur on the face due to aging, genetic factors or other reasons. The purpose of fat transfer is to remove the depressions on the face and to provide a correction in the facial features that will make people happy.

Fat injection makes your face plump. It is a method that reduces or disappears wrinkles. Areas where facial fat injection is applied:
• cheek area
under eye area
• temporal region (temporal region)
• forehead facial lines
• Nasolabial region (line from nose to mouth)
upper lip area
• lower lip area
Mimic lines between the eyebrows.

Why Do We Prefer Fat Injection?

With this method, you can achieve a natural and non-surgical result. It is generally preferred for facial rejuvenation. There is no risk of allergy because the oil is taken from your own body. Fat transfer not only provides fullness, but also increases skin quality by triggering collagen production in that area. The results show the effect for a long time. It provides very good results in the treatment of scars. The healing process is easy to apply and we return to daily life in a short time.

Does Fat Injection Melt?

Fat injection is an aesthetic procedure with a permanent effect. We rarely see the melting of injected fats. With this application, when the fat cells taken from the abdomen or another region are applied to the problem area, they maintain their vitality and adapt to the area. Therefore, the transferred fats do not melt completely.
At the stage after fat injection, 30% of it is lost. We transfer more fat than this situation is known. If you control your weight, your fat filling will be permanent for a long time. Your lifestyle is a factor that affects permanence. Frequently gaining and losing weight negatively affects the areas where fat injection is made.

What Are Complications And Possible Problems?

There is a small risk of infection. If small abscesses appear, we heal them with antibiotics and dressings. However, the most common problem that may occur is the melting of fats and an asymmetrical appearance. Since the oils melt homogeneously, it is not uncommon for an asymmetrical situation to occur. But the probability of melting fats is very low. However, if there is a meltdown, the process is repeated one month later.

After the procedure, there will be swelling in the filled area and this swelling will last for a few days. Other than that, you will not have any discomfort and continue your daily life.

Fat Injection Prices, Fat Transfer Prices

It is not legal for centers approved by the Ministry of Health to indicate prices on their websites. For this reason, you can get information about fat injection prices by calling our clinic on 0 545 437 07 37.


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