3D Therapy

3D Therapy

With the 3D laser system, in which three separate laser systems are used, inequalities in skin tone, pore appearance, sagging and blemish appearance on the skin over time can be alleviated.

Laser systems used in 3D treatment:

Titan Laser

Titan laser, also known as non-surgical skin tightening, can be applied to the face, neck, chin, abdomen and arm areas. The appearance of sagging skin caused by the effect of gravity and the loss of fat pads over time can be lightened and the skin can be tightened with 2 sessions of titan laser treatment performed at regular intervals over a period of 2 months.

When the infrared light used by the Titan laser touches the area where the treatment is needed, it gives a series of rapid light pulses to the area. While the Titan laser cools the skin surface, it heats the skin’s lower layer and repairs the weakened collagen fibers formed by the natural aging process and at the same time stimulates the skin to produce new collagen fibers.

Some improvement in the loss of elasticity is seen immediately at the end of the session. The real effect takes place in 2-3 months.

Regeveration with Nd-yag laser

After Titan laser application, skin regeneration treatment is applied with cutera Nd-yag laser. With the regeneration laser, it can be provided to alleviate inequalities in skin tone, alleviate the appearance of pores, and the appearance of fine wrinkles around the eyes and on the lips.

Regeveration laser is a painless application, which is applied in 4 sessions, with 15-day sessions in a two-month period. 

Limelight laser

Limelight laser system is a non-invasive painless treatment method. It helps to alleviate the brown sun spots that occur on the skin surface over time, the common redness and the imperfect appearance on the skin.

Limelight laser can be used to alleviate irregular pigmentation, redness, sun damage spots and skin surface imperfections in the face, neck, chin and hand area.

Using an intense pulsed light beam, the limelight laser head is activated when it is in full contact with the skin. The light beams used in the Limelight laser system select the red and brown dark areas on the skin and provide local heating of the skin. Brown and red skin areas absorb laser beams and alleviation occurs in hyperpigmentation conditions.

During the two-month treatment process of Limelight laser, a total of 4 sessions are applied, with a 15-day interval between them. Session time may vary between 35 and 45 minutes depending on the size of the area where the limelight laser will be applied.

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