Hand Rejuvenation With Filling

Hand Rejuvenation With Filling

Hand Filling

Hand Rejuvenation with Hand Filling; Due to the loss of collagen and sun damage due to skin aging over the years, some images due to aging occur on the hand. However, the main problem is the loss of volume. The soft and compact appearance leaves itself to an appearance in which veins, tendons and bones stand out over the years.

In recent years, hyaluronic acid fillers and calcium crystals have been used to restore the volume lost on the skin of the hand.

Volume loss can be replaced with dermal fillers. While the vascular structures under the skin are erased, a more vivid appearance can be achieved with the moistening and volume increase in the skin.

Since the application may be painful, a painless procedure can be provided with local anesthesia before hand filling application.

Are there any risks of hand filling procedure?

Temporary bruising may occur with damage to vascular structures in the application area. As in all filling applications, in cases where antiseptic is not paid attention to, infection is among the possible complications, although very rare.


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