Face and Neck Filling

Face and Neck Filling

Face and Neck Fill; As the years progress, collapses and wrinkles begin to form on the face and neck. The biggest fears of those who want to get rid of this view is to reach an unnatural appearance. The filling that we use during the process minimizes the bruising and edema after the application. It provides a fast return to the lives of the people. neck filler. Hyaluronic acid in its content gives a younger appearance by keeping moisture loss which causes skin aging. Some areas of the skin may deform earlier. Especially the neck area is deformed earlier because of the thinner skin after the eyelid

Painless and simple method of neck and face filler between eyebrows, eye area and forehead lines are effective in the removal of. The neck fill and neck lines formed in the horizontal lines 2 cm intervals by applying injections can be reduced wrinkles. The application can be done in about 10 minutes. Especially the collapse of the neck and the horizontal neck lines formed by the head bending mimi together with the neck fill, hyaluronic acid support by forming collagen structure and moisture-increasing filler applications with more effective results can be achieved. Very positive results are obtained with fillers which have hyaluronic acid based fillings in thin and thick lines and with the same base in fine lines. For both applications, pain is prevented with superficial anesthetic and both last only for 15 minutes. The filling application results in 6-10 months.

It can be applied to areas such as cheekbones, chin, cheeks, smile lines, lips, eyebrows, jaw line, nasolabial folds, oral compasions. In order to achieve a high level of satisfaction and safety, the practice should be carried out by physicians trained in this field.

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