Non-Surgical Face Lift with Titan

Non-Surgical Face Lift with Titan

Non-surgical Face Lift with Titan; It has been shown in the studies that the collagen quality in the first session and the collagen increased in the long term thanks to the Titan energy. A number of scientific studies have been conducted to prove this effect of titanium-free skin-stretching laser with high patient satisfaction among the known alternatives of face, arm, sagging skin and titanium titan. Increases the collagen content of the skin and provides skin tension. Non-surgical face lift with titan also helps to retard the aging of your skin thanks to the application of collagen in your skin.
Where else can the titanium and non-surgical face lift system be used?
Used for skin tightening, forehead and eyebrow removal, tickling, neck, cheeks, abdomen and chest skin. Non-surgical face lifting with titan is not a surgical procedure, it is a method that can be tolerated by patients without injection.

Non-surgical skin stretching can be used for all skin types thanks to Titan technology

While the titan affects the deep dermis layer of our skin skin with infrared rays, the application title cools the skin and protects the upper layer of the skin while the collagen architecture changes. Processing time varies depending on the region average45-60 min takes. With Titan, the results can be immediately noticed in face-to-face surgery, but it may take 3-6 months to fully see the effect.

Titan provides a homogenous distribution of energy to the deep dermis, which is the deepest layer of the skin, unlike other systems. Thanks to its head, it protects both the superficial skin layer and not only causes the effect to remain in the deep layer of the skin, but also does not cause unwanted side effects. After the first titan with non-surgical face lift, the result will be noticed. Your doctor will determine the number of sessions where you can get the maximum result. The number of sessions according to skin and patient age varies between 1-3.

What will I feel after treatment?

There may be a slight redness that may be dispersed within a few hours. There will be no restriction or effect. You can return to work immediately.
Is there any risk of titan-free skin stretching?
In case of excessive heat, it is possible to burn and stain the skin. However, in careful and experienced physician practices, the risk of side effects can usually be minimized by the correct analysis of the test shot and patient skin.

Will I feel something during treatment?

You will feel a warmth when Titan energy is given. Some patients may need painkillers before the procedure. Patients often tolerate the practice without the need for any medication.

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