Laser Treatment of Rosacea

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Facial flushing treatment, Red face treatment It is also possible to call it what appears on your face in a person who is crazy.

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What is Rosacea (Rose Disease) Treatment? 

It is one of the most thematic treatments of laser in health regarding the treatment of rosacea with laser. It is an application that is extremely special and requires experience and knowledge. The slightest error does not exist. On this occasion, they encourage our patients to have these procedures done. You should consult an expert in this field every day.

How is Laser Rosacea Treatment Applied?

It makes sure that the problem is really rosacea. If not, treatment does not start. The area where the treatment will be performed is cleaned. Immediately following this, local anesthesia is applied to minimize the pain felt by the person, especially for people with low pain threshold, during laser rosacea treatment .

Depending on the situation, a special solution is applied and a laser is applied to the area with rosacea. The aim here is to eliminate the capillary problem that causes this problem and to alleviate the redness . The main cause of this disease is the rupture of capillaries, which can be alleviated with this application.

On average , each session for laser rosacea treatment lasts around 15 minutes to 30 minutes. It is applied in sessions in the following areas of use. In total, under normal circumstances, if there is no adverse event, the treatment is completed in four sessions.

In some special cases, the number of sessions may increase. This is a condition that is directly related to the size of the rosacea and which areas it is in. Between each session, there is a break of one or two weeks, depending on the situation , and then it is continued again. After this treatment, there is no risk of rosacea occurring as intensely as before. Therefore, it is an application that gives much more permanent results than drug treatment.

Rosacea (Rose Disease) Treatment with 2D Laser 

Usage Areas of Rosacea Treatment with Laser

After giving the answer to the question of how it is applied, it is necessary to give information about the areas of use of laser rosacea treatment. Where there is rosacea, laser rosacea treatment is performed under normal conditions. The places where this question is seen most are the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose area on the human face. No application is made to the eye area.

Laser Rosacea Treatment Prices

Of course, there is also the cost part, and now it’s time to give some information about laser rosacea treatment prices. Of course, as with other laser applications, a fee is charged per session. In addition, the prices vary according to the size of the area with rosacea, which area will be treated and what type of laser will be applied.

Another important factor that determines the prices is the price policy applied by the health centers providing laser rosacea treatment for this treatment. Each center determines a figure for itself and takes steps accordingly. Prices vary from year to year in all centers.

In terms of payment, the health centers concerned with laser rosacea treatment offer their customers options such as money transfer, cash, credit card payment, and installments. At this point, patients can pay by choosing the most convenient method for them.

Types of Rosacea Treatment with Laser

When compared to other laser applications, such as laser hair removal, the types of laser rosacea treatment are not very comprehensive. Two basic methods are used. One of them is the Nd Fat Laser, which is also used in laser epilation, which is one of the latest in technology in this field. It is a preferred type of application for extremely intense and large rosacea problems.

For others, laser and rosacea treatments that are frequently used from past to present are PDL laser and IPL laser types. Both can be used safely in all areas of use. PDL laser is the most effective method especially in skin blemishes.

As a result, laser rosacea treatment is carried out carefully by doctors who are experts in this field. In a world where the visuality of the procedure is so important, laser rosacea treatment alleviates this skin redness problem and affects the patient to look flawless, which is among the cases that are extremely important for the happiness and success of the people.

Types of Rosacea
  • Facial redness and vascularization
  • Redness, edema and acne-like appearance
  • Skin thickening and redness
  • It can be classified as rosacea with eye involvement.
  • Since rosacea is a chronic condition, it can reduce the quality of life.

It can cause loss of self-confidence, embarrassment, anxiety, problems at work, and depression. It is most common between the ages of 30-50. Those with fair skin, blond hair, and family history are more prone to Rosacea. It is slightly more common in men.

Rosacea treatment Ankara, Rosacea,What Causes Rosacea?

In fact, the exact cause is unknown. There is strong evidence that there is an inherited and immune response. It has also been frequently associated with a bacterium involved in stomach ailments. A type of skin mite called demodex is commonly found in patients with Rosacea.

What Factors Increase Rosacea?

Factors that trigger redness include:

  • Hot drinks and spicy foods
  • Red wine and other alcoholic beverages
  • extreme temperatures
  • sun or wind
  • Feelings
  • To exercise
  • Medicines that widen blood vessels, including some blood pressure medicines
  • Some cosmetics, skin or hair care products
Can Food Trigger Rosacea?

As in many diseases, diet and nutritional habits are effective in the course of skin diseases. Nutrition therapy is also important during the treatment of skin diseases to prevent exacerbation or recurrence of the disease.

The relationship between rosacea disease and diet has been definitively proven as a result of studies. Foods that trigger rosacea are:

  • spicy food
  • Alcoholic, hot and caffeinated beverages (especially red wine)
  • Some fruits, marinated meats and some cheeses
  • Cocoa and cocoa products
  • Foods such as capsicum and cayenne pepper can trigger rosacea.
How is Rosacea Diagnosed?

There is no specific test to diagnose rosacea. Your doctor will diagnose you on your symptoms and skin examination. Tests can be used to differentiate between psoriasis or lupus.

Studies have shown that dark-colored people can miss rosacea or be misdiagnosed as an allergic reaction or seborrheic dermatitis. Therefore, the evaluation of a good dermatologist is important. As Civaş Clinic, we work for the most accurate diagnosis and treatment.

If your symptoms involve your eyes, your doctor may refer you to an eye specialist (ophthalmologist) for evaluation.


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