Laser Treatment of Rosacea

In the treatment of rosacea with laser; IPL, PDL and NdYAG lasers are often used. This form of treatment is effective for the patients with redness and flushing attacks as well as superficial veins. Laser treatment of rosacea as compared to other medical treatments can be easily tolerated because it has much less risk of side effects. It is also more superior in terms of the continuous and lasting effect.


How many laser sessions are needed to treat rosacea?

4-6 sessions at intervals of 15 days will be enough.

Is the treatment painful?

Is almost completely painless, during the treatment, you can feel a slight rubber shock sensation.

What are the effects on the skin after laser treatment of rosacea?

After the treatment, the redness increases and will come back to normal after a few hours. If the laser was applied to facial vessels, there will be a slight increase in redness that may last several days. Patients with intense redness caused by active rosacea will experience edema for a few days after treatment.

Laser treatment in patients with rosacea characterized by thickening of the skin on the nose and rhinophyma is very effective in shrinking the pores and reduction in the thickening of the skin.

Do all patients with rosacea benefit from laser treatment?

Your dermatologist will decide if laser treatment is suitable or not during the examination.

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