Nasal Filling

Nasal Filling

Nasal Filling

Hyaluronic acid fillers and calcium crystals (Radiesse) can be used to correct the curvatures in the nose and lift the nose in nasal filling application. During the procedure, attention should be paid to vascular structures.

It has been reported that hyaluronic acid fillings last for 12-18 months, and Radiesse fillings for 18-24 months.

What are the basic principles that should be known for nasal filling?

First of all, it is necessary to know that the nasal filling is non-surgical, it does not require general anesthesia, the results obtained are not permanent, the procedure is approximately 10-15 minutes. It lasts and can be returned to daily life immediately after the application.

What is the average retention time of filling application?

Depending on the type of filling used and the amount of filling, the permanence period of the filling varies between 6 and 18 months. After the effect of the nasal filling, in other words, after the filling dissolves, the application can be repeated if the person wishes.

What can be done with nasal filling?

  • Nasal curvatures can be partially or completely corrected
  • Nose tip can be lifted
  • Problems caused by nasal aesthetic surgery can be solved.
  • Nasal lip resultant can be emphasized
  • Nasal dorsal can be flattened
  • Nasal asymmetries can be corrected.

Will there be pain during the procedure?

There is an anesthetic substance in the filler used. In addition, anesthetic cream application before the procedure and cold application after the procedure will help reduce the pain.

Who can apply nasal filling?

Nasal filling should be done by a specialist doctor. Otherwise, unwanted results may be encountered.

Is there a permanent nose filling?

Fillers used for the nose are also inconvenient to use products that do not melt for a long time. Because it can cause extremely difficult or even impossible results. For this reason, it is very important that the product used for the nose is a soluble product and that a known filler brand is preferred.

Can filling procedure be done for trial purposes before nose surgery?

Yes, it can be done. Especially in individuals who have not made a clear decision about rhinoplasty, it is ensured that the person tries the possible nasal aesthetics result with a short-term filling application to be made first. With this application, it helps to clarify the positive or negative decision of the person.

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