Skin Rejuvenation with Botox

Skin Rejuvenation with Botox

It can do more than temporarily paralyze the facial muscles to give a younger appearance to patients who prefer to apply skin rejuvenation injections with Botox. New research suggests that botox injections may be effective in reversing the skin’s clock.

As we age, repetitive gestures cause wrinkles on the skin, as well as decreasing elastin and collagen levels cause the skin to sag. In recent studies, it was stated that the skin treated with Botox regained its elasticity and flexibility.

In the study conducted with 48 women with an average age of 55, the first botox injections were applied to the wrinkles between the eyebrows and around the eyes. The women were then followed for four months to see how the injections affected the skin.

It has been observed that Botox increases the flexibility and elastic rebound of women’s faces and causes changes in the composition that mimics a younger skin. Researchers found that skin tightening with radiofrequency, an aesthetic procedure that uses radio waves to heat skin tissue and stimulate collagen production, has similar effects.

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