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Jawline – What is Jaw Filling?

Jaw filler and jawline filler are an aesthetic application to eliminate facial deformity or jaw line ambiguity. In addition to the asymmetrical problems caused by the bone structures of the people, the chin filling (jawline) procedure, which is applied for sagging under the chin that occurs over time, is a fast and safe method that improves your appearance. You will feel a noticeable difference after the chin filler treatment.

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How is Jawline Filling Done?

Those who have problems with the chin and jaw line, “How is chin filling done?” they ask. The filling is made under the skin tissue. The collapsed areas are filled with filler, resulting in an aesthetic appearance that highlights the jaw line.

Before starting the process, the facial profile is examined very well, the skin collapses, the distance between the nose and the chin, and how far the chin is behind can be understood.
Needle and cannula are used in jawline filling process. The cannula does not damage nerves and vessels.

Who is Suitable For Jawline Filling ?

Jaw filling is suitable for anyone who wants to define the jaw lines, because sometimes asymmetry caused by bone structures or jaw line weakness caused by aging is a situation that many people, men and women, do not want. Those who have a chance to improve this situation and look more attractive want to use it. In addition, a balancing is achieved in other parts of the face such as the nose or forehead.

How Long Is the Chin Filling Permanent?

One of the frequently asked questions about the Jawline chin filling procedure is “How permanent is the chin filling?” is the question. The permanence of this aesthetic application is between 1 and 1.5 years. Of course, this time may vary from person to person. Depending on the type and amount of filler used, the permanence period varies between 6 and 18 months.

During this period, the filler placed under the skin will gradually be dissolved by the body. 20% of the jawline filler remains on the skin and its permanence increases with repeated applications.

How Long Does the Jawline Process Take?

Depending on the age and jaw structure of the person to be treated, it is a procedure that takes 10-15 minutes. It does not require anesthesia, local anesthetic creams are used for sensitive people.

Which Fillers are Used in Jaw Filling?

Fillers such as hyaluronic acid, fat cell, collagen-supported calcium hydroxylapatite are used in chin filling. Hyaluronic acid filler is a safe filler with the least risk of allergy. Filling applications must be done by an experienced dermatology specialist physician.

What is the Jawline Difference in Men and Women?

The aesthetic view of the dermatology specialist physician who performs the chin filling is very important for the correct filling application. The jaw structures of men and women are different and the filler should be placed accordingly.

The jaw shape of men is large and muscular. It gives them a masculine appearance. While performing male chin filling, the specialist should make this image more attractive without losing it.

The chin tip is important in women. It is not angular like in men. The form of the letter “V” must be captured so that female attractiveness and beauty will emerge.

Incorrect applications can change the masculine and feminine appearance, and therefore, the aesthetic views and experiences of specialist physicians are very important when performing male chin filling and female chin filling.

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What is the Ankara Chin Filling Price?

It is not legal to specify prices on websites approved by the Ministry of Health.
You can get information about chin filler price and chin filler application by calling Civaş Clinic on 05454370737 phone number.

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