The effects of aging on the face and neck begins at what age? The deformation of the skin proven Is there a reason? Eg genetic susceptibility to induced premature aging, improper diet, alcohol, smoking and so on. Blondes age early than in dark etc …

Skin changes are the most visible signs of aging. Sagging and wrinkled skin, the signs of aging in skin whitening hair. It usually begins after the age of 30 li, it accelerates with menopause. Skin changes in environmental factors, genetic factors, and diet is associated in some other faktörlerle. In fact, we can say that the sun’s rays are the most important of these. In fact, we can understand easily simply by comparing the diğerlerini our body our skin areas exposed to the sun. natural pigment in our skin (melanocytes) allows us to a place of protection from the sun and light. With blue eyes and light skin type, which are more affected by the sun’s rays. With age the skin becomes thinner, it loses water, melanocytes decreases and so the skin becomes more sensitive to external factors. They are less affected by the sun than darker skin. The increase in tobacco use is another negative factor in aging and wrinkles.

than those living in rural areas are working in a stressful work environment it be said that the city had more skin deformations? Is that regional differences are observed (not necessarily Comparison of East and West)

Metropolitan life pollution, toxic substances, stress, unhealthy eating habits and eating accelerates aging resources. Extremely hot and which are aging faster with a light complexion who live in areas that have high effects of the sun. established relationships with rural skin color and sun determines the aging process.

Is that the skin deformation men, is also seen in women at an earlier age? Deformation of the skin between men and women in the population distribution is how?

In men, skin thickness, collagen density, structure and moisture levels in the skin is completely different women. The difference between the density of collagen skin almost can make the difference in age between men and women up to 15 years. However, women’s sunscreen and pay attention to environmental factors, rather than giving importance to the health of the skin prevents the opening of this difference at this level. Another important difference is that the skin oil production at much higher levels in men.

What are the methods used for the treatment of skin deformation?

The most obvious signs of skin aging, wrinkles, sagging and age spots are. The chemical methods and treatments against each laser light is used. laser and infrared rays has been almost entirely replaced by chemical treatment methods in recent years.

According to the neck and face lift surgery, the surgical procedures are there advantages? What are the benefits to the patient? Is it in the face and neck lift surgery for aesthetic could be called the latest technology used in the world? Surgical neck and how technology is used in the face-lift operation How long? It does being achieved lasting results? Is there an appropriate time frame for the operation (winter, etc.)? These operations after how many years do you recommend? Is the operation can not be performed in patients (more than one disease, etc.)?

Surgical treatment previously used as the only method for today sag is now left to the significant place the surgical method. the nature of the operation, as in all surgical procedures have risks of welded. Although surgical complications in patients in recent years azalmışsa care are still risk-free methods.

Laser applications are needing anesthesia without causing skin stretching procedure of business and loss of power. Laser and infrared light used technologies have made adequate clinical study record can be created with safe and effective results. These principles, raising the middle layer of the skin without burning the skin to a certain temperature is to increase collagen by fibroblasts thereby. In fact, they put it loses collagen at a rate of aging of the skin. Face and consists of a natural tension in the neck skin. Patients are aware of it immediately after the operation, the effect reaches a maximum level within 4-6 months.

Process takes about an hour, we need to sunbathing 1 week after treatment. The most important is the risk of skin burns occur. Laser engineering and development in light tissue interaction, front and rear cooling apparatus has been developed to help in the title down to the minimum level will turn up no complication of the system.

Non-invasive technologies will make losses that do not survive labor or social or peeling of the skin. Not be considered to be quite low complication rate of Unintended Consequences is located in advantages. Another important advantage of the rejuvenation procedures can be defined as the natural way.

The start of the process since the age of 30 with the aging process can be applied. This loss is accelerated in fibroblasts age, especially during menopause interests acceleration level. Drooping the initial period saver, available at the time the move is corrective.

In particular, began to show interest in this type of operation which attracts men to women, what are your views and observations about this?

Human life is longer desire to look younger has increased in both sexes. aesthetic look and youthful desire of the population now began to be perceived as other health needs. Today we can say that they are about women as men in these matters.

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