Non-Surgical Skin Tightening with Laser

There are two ways of performing the non surgical laser skin tightening procedure:

  • Ablative: – stimulation of the skin by peeling.
  • Non-ablative :- affects the deep arts of the skin without peeling

The ablative skin tightening procedure involves peeling of the skin with laser. After this procedure, the patient needs to protect the skin from infection and the sun for the 10-15 days healing period. For non- ablative skin tightening procedures where there is no peeling or damage to the skin; the patient can resume their normal lives immediately after the procedure.

Titan laser skin tightening

Titan laser technology is a non-invasive and non- ablative skin stretching method. The lifting and stretching effect occurs through increase of collagen in the skin and contraction. Apart from the face, this procedure can also be done on the belly, inner arms and thighs.


How does the Titan non-surgical skin tightening system work?

The Titan head performs cooling-light-cooling steps in an alternating way, allowing the laser light to reach a perfectly suitable degree to stimulate collagen in the skin without burning the skin. Cooling also ensures that the procedure is painless. Immediately after titan laser procedure, the skin connected to the contracted collagen suddenly tightens and the results can be seen. The best results are evident between 3-6 months.

Titan the non-surgical skin tightening procedure painful?

The main intention of this procedure is to substantially heat the deep structure of the skin. During the procedure, you can feel a bearable slight pain and burning.

Is Titan laser skin tightening safe?

Titan skin tightening technology is absolutely safe including all other laser related risks.

How many sessions are required for good results?

2-3 sessions one month apart are sufficient.

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