Dermapen Treatment

Dermapen Treatment

Dermapen is a micro-needling method that stimulates the natural collagen and elastin production of the skin with minimal epidermal damage. It deliberately creates damage with the needles that enter the skin at a 90 degree angle and allows the skin to renew itself thanks to collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Thanks to the needles entering and exiting at a 90 degree angle, the epidermis is much less damaged than other methods. It is inspired by proven acupuncture applied all over the world. Dermapen is a treatment method with low cost and high treatment efficiency.

Dermapen Application Areas and Effects

Since the applied process renews the skin, it is actively used in removing wrinkles, scars and acne scars, sagging and cracks. Apart from these, it is used in skin tightening, reduction of open pores, treatment of burns and surgical scars, alopecia treatment.

After the procedure, the holes made with needles, cream, lotion etc. applied to the skin. It increases the passage of products to the lower layers of the skin 200 times. Therefore, products that will regenerate the skin such as peptides, antioxidants and vitamins should be used. The results of this treatment method, which has been approved by the FDA, are observed in a very short time. Although Dermapen treatment method does not carry the risk of infection, it is faster than manual applications, can be applied to all skin colors and types, is quite short, tolerable, painful, and has minimal side effects.

Burning and stretching can be felt on the skin after the dermapen procedure. There is nothing to worry about this situation, which starts to decrease within 1-2 hours. The next day, crusting and scaling may occur, which is an indication that the dead skin has begun to shed.

Dermapen Treatment procedure is not applied in any of the following situations:

  • Papulapustular Rosacea
  • Bacterial / Fungal infections
  • Acna Vulgaris III-IV
  • Open Lesions
  • Herpes Simplex (Herpes)
  • Solar Keratosis
  • Warts
  • Skin cancer
  • Scleroderma
  • Hemophilia
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