Migraine Treatment

Migraine Treatment

Botox Migraine Treatment

Botox migraine treatment effects, botulinum toxin was approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Association) in 2010 to be used in the treatment of chronic migraine. While it was used for cosmetic purposes in the 1990s, it was noticed incidentally that some patients had improvement in their headaches due to migraine, and it was started to be used in the treatment of chronic migraine patients.

How Does Botox Affect in the Treatment of Migraine Headaches?

Actually, its mechanism of action is not fully known. In cosmetic and therapeutic uses, while the treatment is due to its effect on muscle relaxation; It is thought that the mechanism of action is different in the treatment of migraine. In the treatment of chronic migraine, it is aimed to reduce the stretching activity of the muscles by injecting Botulinum toxin into a group of muscles in the face, scalp and neck.

How Often Can Botox Migraine Treatment Be Applied?

Migraine treatment with Botox is recommended to be applied 3-5 sessions with an interval of 12 weeks.

Are Injections Painful?

It has been observed that it is more painless and easily tolerated in the treatment of migraine compared to other purpose applications. Pain relievers may be helpful before the procedure in highly sensitive patients.

Is There Any Risk Of Side Effects Due To The Application?

Risks are related to incorrect selection of dose and application points. Overdosing causes excessive muscle relaxation. It is temporary and improves in a few months. Failure to choose the application points correctly will cause the application to be ineffective.

Can I Continue Using Migraine or Headache Medications With Migraine Treatment?

It has been observed that there is no harm in using migraine drugs in combination with botulinum toxin therapy. The effect may take 7-10 days to manifest itself, meanwhile, there is no harm in continuing the patient’s own medication.

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