Acne Treatment

What Is Acne?

Acne Treatment; the human skin especially on the face, neck, back and chest has pores that contains microscopic hair follicles.  For some reasons sometimes these follicles are overproduced and block the pores. The oil produced called sebum, fills up under the skin and the bacteria begin to grow.

What Causes Acne?

The development process of pimples is quite complicated. The only thing we are sure is that pores collapse by themselves and prevent releasing of sebum oil.  The main causes of acne are;

  • Hormones: Acne is generally a hormonal disorder.  Hormones are responsible for the maturation of sebaceous glands in our skin. The maturation of sebaceous glands increases the chances of forming acne; that’s why children do not have acne.
  • Testosterone: Doctors and researchers have found that increased levels of androgens in both men and women can lead to acne. Either the excess oil produced by androgens or another unknown reason may cause bacteria to clog hair follicles forming acne.
  • Estrogen: Estrogen is a confounding hormone for acne sufferers because both low and high estrogen levels can cause deep, cystic acne in your skin. Estrogen levels, like thyroid hormones, should not be too high or too low, but always in balance. Estrogen is an extremely important hormone for women and one of its effects is to reduce the oil production in your skin, which is the opposite of testosterone. It balances the effects of the testosterone, so if the level of estrogen is low, it may cause the testosterone to become unbalanced.
  • Diet: Science still does not know whether there is a correlation between acne and diet. The evidence of this relation is getting lower. While losing body weight, acne may reduce; however  it is very likely that acne returns after you lose weight, no matter what anti-acne diet you take.
  • Stress: Stress symptoms can intensify acne but with treatment we can overcome this condition.
  • Inflammation: Acne is characterized by inflammation, often involving redness and soreness. The initial reaction of the body to the inflammation is one of the main causes of the formation of acne and the blocked pores.

Does stress cause acne? How does stress cause acne?

When we are experiencing stress, our adrenal gland becomes overly active then the androgens produced by this gland (male hormones) increase. High levels of androgen  cause more acne.

  • Fullness of the face
  • Wrinkles treatment
  • Sagging
  • Redness and capillaries
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