Laser Nail Fungus Treatment Ankara

Treatment of Nail Fungus with Laser

Fungal fungal infection constitutes 4-8% of all skin diseases. The fungus is the infection caused by microorganisms called dermatophytes in the nails. The mushrooms live in dark and humid environments, they are contagious. Nail cork is a highly persistent disorder if not treated; However, it may be possible to get rid of this discomfort when it is conscious against possible early signals.

Symptoms of Nail Fungus
Reddening the flesh
Dandruff, flaking
Color change on the surface of nails, yellowing
Loss of transparency of the nail

Is laser nail treatment a risk?

The application of the nail fungus laser is applied without damaging the nail and the soft tissue around it. The treatment should be applied to all nails at the same time because of the possibility of secret fungi in the other nails of the patient.

Is it a painful procedure to treat nail fungus with laser?

During the laser treatment, the patient may feel a warm warming sensation. No pain relief or anesthesia is required before application. Patients can return their daily activities without wasting any time after the application.

How long does laser nail treatment take?

One session of laser nail treatment involves approximately 30-45 minutes.

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