Psychological Effects of Acne on Teens

Psychological Effects of Acne on Teens

A pharmaceutical company in the USA launched an ad campaign with empowering messages such as “You are not your acne” and “Take your face back” to raise awareness of the acne awareness and the effect of the acne problem on daily life.

The acne ad campaign aims to eliminate the discomfort caused by acne and disruption in their social lives, especially among young people and young adults, and to eliminate false perceptions that acne formation is always caused by poor hygiene or diet.

Acne, a common condition, affects more than 85% of adolescents. It was highly associated with psychosocial problems and low self-esteem depending on the severity, persistence and other factors of acne disorder.

The relevant firm revealed the common themes of psychosocial anxiety, hopelessness, and isolation with the personal expressions of the participants, as a result of the research done to understand how acne affects young people and young adults and how they experience this situation with their own expressions.

Research participants reported that they admitted that they withdrew themselves in order not to be judged by the community due to acne conditions.

As a result;

Adolescence is an extremely vulnerable age for everyone, and the self-confidence deficit often grows for those who suffer from more severe forms of acne. Encouraging acne patients to intervene earlier can prevent not only physical scars but also lifelong psychosocial scars. Patients should know that some forms of acne are medical conditions that require clinical intervention and seek specialist help.

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