Treatment of hair loss in women

About 50% of women who are sixty years old have some degree of hair loss.
Diagnosis and treatment of hair loss in women is complex and depends on a wide variety of factors, and requires special expertise for dermatologists.
Treatment varies depending on the cause. Before the treatment, it is necessary to find the exact cause of hair loss in female patients. Spills due to different causes may have similar clinical features. Blood tests, digital dermatoscopy and tricoscopy are used for diagnosis. In some cases, a biopsy may be necessary to make a definitive diagnosis.

Causes of hair loss in women;

• Excessive weight loss and excessive weight gain
• Past surgery
• Hormone disorders
• For genetic reasons
• Lack of vitamins and minerals
• Autoimmune diseases
. Alopecia areata or universalis;
• Skin diseases
• Psychiatric reasons
• General body cancers
• Hair style; paints, color opening, straightening methods
• Chronic medications: Cholesterol lowering agents, Blood pressure medications, glaucoma medications, blood thinners, thyroid disorders
• Medical treatments; Chemotherapies used in rats and cancer treatment
• Hyperhidrosis or hair loss due to excessive sweating of the scalp
Hair loss caused by scalp infections

Methods used in the treatment of hair loss in women;

• Oral treatment
. Hormone treatments
. Elimination of vitamins and minerals
• Treatments applied to direct scalp, lotion, spray and shampoos
• Laser treatment
• Drug treatment with microsurgery
• Combined treatments according to diagnosis
• Hair treatment

Mesotherapy: Injection of Minoxyl and DHT blockers. Generally added vitamins and other elements do not help. Minoxil and DHT blockers can also be given by lokla house applications. Injection of mesotherapy can be risky in terms of triggering various skin diseases. Unfortunately, publications showing that mesotherapy is effective and safe in hair loss are not enough.

PRP: Not yet scientifically proven. More scientific studies are needed.

Surgical treatment
Hair transplantation;
Iş FUSS (Follicular unit strip surgery) Stitched method
Method in which FUE (Follicular unit exicion) grafts are taken individually
Biofibre implantation

Cosmetic treatment of hair loss in women;

The treatment process varies depending on the diagnosis. It should generally be considered at least three months. Whether the treatment is effective or not can be followed by digital trichoscopic methods.
Definitive diagnosis and effective treatment can only be done by dermatologists who are experienced in this field.
The treatment should be planned according to the patient’s age, the cause of the hair loss, and all factors such as the patient’s general medical condition.

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