Is there a high risk of breast cancer due to hair dyes?

Is there a high risk of breast cancer due to hair dyes?

Frequent use of hair straightening chemicals and hair dyes has been found to increase the risk of breast cancer. For those who color their hair at least every 5-8 weeks, the risk of breast cancer is 60% higher than other women.

According to the research that 50.000 women were taken; women who use light colored hair dye have also increased the risk of developing breast cancer by 12%, and those who have used dark colored hair dye have not had the same risk. Among the participants of the study, it was found that women who used a type of hair straightening agent within 12 months had a higher risk of relative breast cancer at a rate of 31% than those who did not.

Although the use of semi-permanent dye is not associated with risk, the application of semi-permanent hair dye to the hair by a non-professional person has been associated with a 28% increased risk of breast cancer.

It is known that the formaldehyde in the content of chemical straighteners or its derivatives that react with keratin when heated is a known carcinogenic substance, and it was found that it poses a 27% higher risk for breast cancer in its application by a non-professional person.

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