Turkish Dermatology Association Dermatoallergy Working Group Hand Hygiene and Care Recommendations

1‐ All accessories such as jewelry and bracelets should be removed from your hands and wrists. The watch should not be worn unless it is mandatory

2‐ Nails should be cut short.

3‐ Wash your hands with foaming liquid soap and warm water (not hot water) for 20 seconds.

Rinse well and, if possible, dry with a disposable paper towel.

4 durumlarda In cases where water and soap cannot be used, at least 60% alcohol based disinfectant

you must disinfect and wash your hands as soon as possible afterwards.

5‐ After each wash, always apply a moisturizer while it is moist. This moisturizing skin

repairs the barrier and will not harm protection.

6‐ Moisturizer should be odorless and oily based. Example: pure white vaseline or nothing

If you can’t find it, olive oil can also be applied.

7‐ Irritant contact dermatitis due to frequent hand washing and disinfectant use (due to irritation

eczema), if your table is severe, in this case, you can use the cortisone cream or ointment for a short period of time, in consultation with your Skin and Venereal Diseases specialist by phone. Because if severe eczema has occurred, the humidifier alone will not be sufficient for you to recover.

8‐ Please do not use drugs that are not recommended by your doctor.

9‐ It is very important to wash your hands for virus protection. Do not forget that your eczema treatment

It may be.

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Turkish Dermatology Association Dermatoallergy Group

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