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In time, we begin to show signs of aging by accumulating expression lines on our faces. Environmental pollution, lifestyle and habits affect skin aging together with genetic factors. Our skin shows signs of aging in different ways. The areas we describe as goose legs and lines of laughter are often the first places where wrinkles and fine lines are seen. The circumference of the lip line is the most sensitive area of ​​our face. They form the majority of the expression lines. Most of the time these fine lines on your lips may make you look like sigara smokers Çoğu even if you don’t smoke. If they cannot be cured, they become thin lines and wrinkles, deeper lines of lines such as lines on your forehead.
Another sign of aging is the sagging which is caused by gravity. It starts with deepening in nasolabial fold, falling on eyelid and sagging on neck.
Irregular skin tone is a natural sign of aging. Especially those who regularly expose the skin to elements can have an uneven skin tone. It is mostly caused by the effect of the sun.
Our skin renewal process slows down as it gets older, so Dermapen treatments are a safe and natural alternative to the aging process. Clinical Dermapen Therapies can produce effective results in combination with other combination therapies. Dermapen treatments naturally work from the inside.
The natural wound healing response created by Dermapen (Mikroneedling) treatments is activated, new collagen is produced and distributed into the skin.

Acne Treatment with Dermapen Mikroneedling

Acne can affect all skin types and people of all ages. Acne genetics can be caused by a combination of hormone changes, health, stress, and environmental factors. Hormones can stimulate excessive sebum production. On the other hand, if the pores become clogged with excess fat accumulation, acne bacteria can cause inflammation and make the skin more sensitive to other bacteria. Dermapen microneaching reproduces the affected area by stimulating the production and distribution of collagen.

Scar Treatment with Dermapen Mikrroneedling

Dermapen treatment for scarring is one of the methods in which non-surgical procedures can achieve successful results. The new Dermapen 4, which can help in the treatment of most types of scars, is produced especially in various parts of the body.
Fractional micro-needles, which rejuvenate with scar treatment function, actively absorbs existing scar tissue, promotes the production and distribution of new collagen by working to create a healthier, thicker, and tighter skin in the injured area.

Hyperpigmentation Treatment with Dermapen Microneedling

Hyperpigmentation, hormonal changes, degree of sun exposure, skin type, trauma and skin are caused by external factors affecting the skin’s natural aging process.

• Irregular skin tone; darkness, age spots, or color disorders in the skin called freckle occur by stimulating excess melanin pigment.
• Superficial Hyperpigmentation; sunspots, age spots, freckles.
• Deeper Pigmentation (Dermal); drugs and hormonal factors
• Pigmented acne scar
• Birthmarks may present with chloasma / melasma.

Dermapen Treatments are particularly effective for treating hyperpigmentation on dark skin colors where laser treatments are not a safe option. The treatment promotes the formation of a skin tone that gives a shiny appearance that initiates the corrective process by making fractional microneaching at 1,920 seconds per second to support a more balanced and normalized cellular function. It can be supplemented with original color-removing creams.

Pore ​​Therapy with Dermapen Mikroneedling

Dermapen MicroNeedling treatments are an effective and safe method to reduce enlarged pores. The skin’s own natural wound healing response is activated, the new collagen is produced and distributed. As a result of treatment, the enlarged pores are tightened and smaller.

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