Treatment of acne scars with Subsizyon

With the sub-technique, the fibrosis ligaments under the acne scar are removed by special needles. Subcutaneous is also known as subcutaneous surgery. In addition, the healing phase following the treatment stimulates collagen growth, repair and development of the scar appearance over time.

Which kind of monitors are suitable for sub-treatment?

An evaluation is made by calculating the type of scar, scar depth, skin type and duration of acne for the treatment of subdisance.

The cases where sub treatment is applied;

Rolling Acne Scars
Chickenpox traces
Stretch marks during injury or surgery
Deep wrinkles

Who is not suitable for subspecies?

Subspecies cannot be used in individuals with active skin infections and in individuals who are susceptible to abnormal skin scars such as hypertrophic and keloidal scars. If you use a blood thinner or have a bleeding disorder, increase the risk of bleeding during and after the procedure; therefore, consultation is required to reduce the risk to the benefits of the procedure.

How to treat subcutaneous scars

Subspecies, a clinical-based application, is performed under local anesthesia. Your skin is first cleaned and traces are drawn with a surgical pen. Local anesthesia is applied to numb the skin. After the needle is selected according to the scar type, the needle is directed to break the scar tissue bands under the skin. Needles break down the tissue that connects the skin downward.

Is it a painful procedure?

Treatment is performed under local anesthesia. After the procedure, a swelling and swelling condition is expected for 2-3 days. Pain is minimal after the procedure. The bruising can be seen after the procedure and improvement occurs within 7-10 days depending on your skin type.

How many sessions do I need?

The number of sessions varies according to the location of the scar, scar depth and skin type. It is usually carried out between 2-4 sessions, approximately 4 weeks apart.

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