Regenera Activa Hair Treatment

Regenera Activa Hair Treatment

Regenera Activa Hair Treatment; In addition to drug therapies used in the prevention of early hair loss, injection of tissue extracts prepared from a person’s own tissue stimulates the formation of new vessels in hair cells. Thus, hair follicles that have been thinned and entered into the spill phase are activated by stimulating.

How does Regenera aktiva apply?

Tissue pieces are removed with three 2.5 mm punches from the back of both ears or with three hairs. Tissues removed in a special kit are divided into small pieces of 50 microns, then injected into the skin in sterile saline.

Autologous hair treatment how many sessions are applied?

Regenera activa autologous hair treatment will be sufficient for stimulation of hair cells in the spill phase. Multiple sessions are not required.

Regenera activa autologous hair treatment what kind of hair loss is used?

Regenera activa hair treatment can be used in the early stages of genetic hair loss in women and men.

Application of autologous hair treatment ;

First of all, the scalp of the patient is cleaned to be suitable for processing. An area of ​​approximately 1.5 to 2 centimeters is trimmed in the donor area where the tissue is to be taken, and local anesthesia is applied to this area. Then the tissue is taken with a 2.5 mm punch biopsy from three different points. This tissue is placed in a special kit that is placed into the saline and placed in the device prepared for this treatment is provided to be separated into micro particles. The autologous suspension is then injected into the areas where hair loss is expected and the hair loss is expected. Massage is applied describe yourself essay to the applied area and the treatment is ended.

Is there a risk of regenera activa autologous hair treatment?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and involves the risks of local micro-surgical complications. The application does not include allergy and other risks because the person’s own tissue is injected into the person.

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