Enzyme peeling (Cosmelan – Dermamelan) Treatment

Enzyme peeling (Cosmelan – Dermamelan) Treatment

Enzyme peeling (Cosmelan – Dermamelan) Treatment; Enzyme peeling (Cosmelan – Dermamelan) is an application that starts with the application of a mask consisting of a balanced mixture of azeleic acid, kojic acid, ascorbic acid and phytic acid active ingredients together with auxiliaries.

Enzyme peeling (Cosmelan – Dermamelan) also contains strong stain removers that give the color of the skin to reduce the speed of making the structure of the enzyme presses to block the enzyme. The enzyme peeling takes its name from here. The strong antioxidant and collagen producer properties of the acids and vitamins it contains provide the texture of the tissue. It shows its effect by enzyme blockage in the tissue and not by peeling. With the light peeling on the surface of the skin at the beginning of treatment, the color of the skin surface reduces the density of the cell.

What are the advantages of the enzyme peeling (Cosmelan – Dermamelan)?

Enzyme peeling (Cosmelan – Dermamelan) after the application does not last long, the TCA-free side effects because of the lack of side effects to ensure full compliance with the treatment of sun protection can be applied every season of the year.

How is Cosmelan-Dermamelan a stain mask?

Stain mask cosmelan-dermamelan is an enzymatic exfoliating system and is a combined mask system created by combining a wide range of agents commonly used in staining. A mask applied by a physician, followed by a cream and moisturizer.

What is the difference between other treatment methods?

Other applied stain treatment methods, session sessions are performed. These applications are time-consuming and long-term. Stain mask is a single session application.

How long does the treatment of the stain mask last?

The patient is able to go home for 30 minutes after the mask is applied. The mask remains on the patient’s face for about 10 hours. At the end of 10 hours, the patient washes her face and started to use the moisturizer and the continuation cream. Sunscreen is a must. Then slowly peels the skin, and the blemishes blush and then begin to open. This period is 1 week and 10 days on average.

What kind of skin blemish treatment is effective in the treatment of blemish mask?

Stain mask is effective in all kinds of sun, pregnancy, birthmarks, freckles, pimples and acne scars.

Who can have a stain mask treatment, who can not?

Pregnancy, breast-feeding during this treatment is not done. Every stain can be applied to everyone except him. Can be done in all seasons. But I think the right thing is to skip July and other times.

Enzyme peeling (Cosmelan – Dermamelan) What should be considered before the application?

Applications that will cause irritation two weeks prior to the application of enzyme peeling (Cosmelan – Dermamelan) should be discontinued, male patients are allowed to shave for the last two days.

Enzyme peeling (Cosmelan – Dermamelan) What should be paid attention immediately after the application?

Enzyme peeling (Cosmelan – Dermamelan) mask after cleansing the skin with structurants and sunscreens, the physician plans the continuation of the treatment continues. After the application, especially in the first 24 hours redness, mild edema, burning sensation is normal.

What should be considered within 30 days after the application of Enzyme Peeling (Dermamelan)?

After the application of enzyme peeling (Cosmelan – Dermamelan) for a month, sauna, steam bath, solarium, other peeling treatments, epilation application is not recommended. The use of sunscreen creams is an indispensable part of every stain treatment and should be repeated every 2-3 hours.

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