Electrocautery treatment in dermatological surgery

Electrocautery Treatment; Electrocautery is a technology that produces high frequency electromagnetic waves. These waves produce a sudden warming in the tissue, evaporate the fluid of living cells and destroy the cell membrane and destroy the coagulation.

Electrocautery is a device for providing coagulation, cutting and combining tissue. Monopolar and bipolar. The monopolar tip performs only one-way cutting. Bipolar cuts with 2 faces of the knife, while at the same time it cuts the capillaries in the cut tissue and burns.

Electrocautery Treatment in Dermatologic Surgery;

Meat meats (akrokordo
Seborrheic keratosis
Sebaceous hyperplasia
Epidermal cysts
Molluscum kontagiosum
It can be used in the treatment of pyogenic granuloma.
Is Electrocautery used in my treatment?
Electrocautery is a device that converts electrical energy into heat energy where it is touched. It is used in the treatment of moles as it is used to stop bleeding and cut the tissues. As soon as electrocautery is touched, tissue is lost in layers, heating evaporation is advanced as much as desired and treatment is completed when it is at the same level with the skin.

Is electrocautery sensitive to color?

Since the electrocautery is not sensitive to color, the vein can be used in the brown and skin color except for me and the exact result is obtained.

How is the healing process after treatment?

In the vaporized benign area, the layer of wounds in the form of a scab drops at 3-7 days depending on the size of the benign and a pinkish appearance from the bottom. This pinkish appearance spontaneously takes the skin color in 2-3 months. trace

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