Can laser hair removal be done in summer?

Yeah. Laser laser removal can be done in all seasons. Most people are concerned about the idea of ​​laser hair removal in summer. The cause of this anxiety is due to the recommendations of avoiding the sun given before and after any laser epilation treatment.

Deep wavelength laser hair removal systems use sensitive wavelengths that can focus and target the melanin pigment. These wavelengths can only focus on the pigment in the hair root without damaging the skin.

It is recommended not to have sunbathing a week before the procedure when receiving laser hair removal. After application, the skin becomes sensitive. Therefore, the possibility of staining from UV rays from the sun increases. Therefore, it is recommended to apply sunscreens with high protection factor to the exposed areas (arms, legs, shoulders and face) after laser hair removal. Sun creams should be refreshed with certain intervals during the day. After laser epilation, the patient should not sunbathe for a week. These rules are actually valid in other seasons, but only for summer.

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