Trichotillomania: Hair Break Disease

The Latin name of hair breakout disease is Trikotillomania. This discomfort, which is accepted as a control disorder, is a person’s inability to resist eyebrows, eyelashes, beards, genital areas or the urge to tear his hair. The patches in the hairy area tend to have an unusual shape and one area may be more affected than the other. Hair break disorder can cause a feeling of shame and low self confidence in the patient over time.

In addition to being common in young people and young adults, hair breakdown behavior disorder is observed more frequently in women than in men, although it is observed in both sexes equally.

What are the Symptoms of Hair Breaking Disorder (Trichotillomania)?

  • The patient’s hair is repeated in a repetitive manner.
  • Significant hair loss condition of the patient.
  • Observing that the patient experiences an increasing tension state before plucking or attempting to counteract this behavior.
  • The patient has a feeling of relaxation while hair.

In which regions can it be seen except the scalp?

  • Muscles
  • cilia
  • Genital area
  • Beard or mustache

What are the reasons that trigger the formation of a hair breakout disorder (trichotillomania)?

  • Stress or extreme anxiety.
  • A chemical imbalance (OCD) similar to obsessive-compulsive disorder in the brain.
  • Changes in hormone levels during adolescence.
  • The thought of self-harm to get rid of emotional distress.
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