Treatment Of Blemish And Redness

Treatment of Blemish and Redness with 2D Skin Renewal

Due to the sun, environmental factors and structural conditions, the percentage of spots and capillaries are more visible.
begins to become. A broad red appearance can be added across the facial skin of those who have light skin and are prone to it.
You can have a clearer, more vibrant facial skin with the relief of your spots, fine lines and capillaries.

How do I change my skin with 2D treatment?

. With 2D treatment, your stains can be completely eliminated, or a large percentage of the color can be observed.
. With 2D treatment, your thin wrinkles are also alleviated, shrinkage in the pores and an increase in the brightness of the skin.
. With 2D treatment, the visibility of your capillaries can be alleviated or completely eliminated.

What are the ways in 2D treatment?

The treatment includes two separate laser systems. While Ndyag laser is used for capillary and rejuvenation treatment, lime light is treated with blemish and redness.
How many sessions of 2D treatment lasts?
Repeats every 15 days and lasts 4-6 sessions. The sessions are about 45 minutes on average.

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