Surgery or filling In nose aesthetics?

It is not possible for the patient to answer the question. As a result of the detailed examination of the doctor about the subject by looking at the anatomical structure of the nose should be given the right decision. In patients who want only aesthetic appearance and who do not have a serious anatomical disorder, the cause of nasal deformity can be determined correctly and the filling process can be applied.

In which cases the nose filling process is preferred?

• Nasal curvatures can be partially or completely removed
• Nasal tip removable
• Problems caused by nose surgery can be eliminated
• Nasal lip composition can be clarified
• Nose back can be straightened
• Nose asymmetries can be corrected

How long does the average persistence of the nose filling last?

Depending on the type of filling used, the retention period of the filling varies between 6 and 18 months depending on the amount of filling. The application can be repeated if the person wishes after the filling effect has passed.
Can patients who undergo nose surgery have a filling procedure?
Yes it can be done. Especially patients who could not make a definitive decision about nasal surgery can fill the procedure before the nasal surgery because the filling application is temporary and then decide on the decision and then choose the permanent methods.

What are the risks of nose filling?

• Infection
• Necrosis of the skin at the site of the relevant vessel if applied into the artery

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