Laser Treatment of Warts

Laser treatment of wartsLaser treatment of warts, has been used widely in recent years. The laser beam of light destroys the vessels that feed the warts. It also provides directly effective treatment to the warts. Warts are characterized by rough benign growths on the skin, commonly appearing on feet, hands and face. They are caused by the human papilloma virus. Warts are contagious and can easily be passed from one person to the other by contact. Warts can easily heal and disappear by themselves, but if they have spread aroundThere are many ways to treat warts, some of them are Cyrotherapy (freezing), Catharidin application, Excision, Electro-cauterization, laser and chemical peels. Check this page for more detailed information about wart treatment

What types of warts can be removed by laser?

Warts on the soles of the feet, around the fingers and toe nails or flat warts can be effectively treated with laser.

Is laser treatment of warts painful?

Local anesthesia administration is necessary before laser treatment of warts on the soles of the feet. Flat warts and others types usually do not need local anesthesia.

What happens to the wart after laser treatment?

The area around the wart may darken and there may be pain or discomfort for several days. Generally it heals without any problem.

How many laser treatment sessions are needed?

2 sessions at intervals of 6-8 weeks will be sufficient. When necessary, an additional session can be done.

What are the risks of wart removal by laser?

Mostly, edema and darkening around the wart is experienced. Rarely a skin infection may occur around the area. There may be pain first few days after treatment. There may be a watery swelling on the warts.

Is there a risk of re-occurrence of warts after laser treatment?

If the laser treatment is effective, re-occurrence is rare. However, because the virus is contagious, it may reappear in another area.

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