Laser Hair Removal Applications

Laser Hair Removal Applications; We can describe laser hair removal as a technology that allows us to get rid of unwanted hair.

Laser epilation includes a technology that allows the different wavelengths of light to be bundled and used for different purposes. Medical aesthetics also heavily used laser technology, in a shorter period of hair removal process, higher reaching consequences and is a technology that enables more painless process to be able to know that you are one of the most important reasons for choosing this technology.

What system do you recommend for laser hair removal?

In laser hair removal systems, the skin color of the patient, hair type and should be determined according to the body area of ​​hair removal. In addition to the wavelengths used, the technology of the laser device should be capable of targeting the hair root. As a result, the patient can be given an effective and safe laser hair removal. Your dermatologist will assess your skin and hair structure and guide you on laser hair removal systems

Laser hair removal can be carried out by different techniques and technologies and can be made with different tools and materials.

Hair Removal with IPL Laser;

Systems called IPL are not laser but rather light sources. Since it is not specific to the wavelength at a certain interval, its use and reliability is risky compared to laser systems.

Epilator with Alexandrite Laser;

The Alexandrite laser is a laser with a wavelength of 855 nanometers. Laser wavelength used in medium and light skin colors. They have less effect on the facial area and darker skin and fine hair. Commonly known brands are Excell HR produced by Candela, Cynosure and Cutera.

Hair Removal with Diode Laser;

Diode Laser is a laser with a wavelength of 810 nanometers. They are suitable lasers for skin types 2 and 4, and there are publications showing that the effect is less than that of Alexandrite and NdYag laser epilation systems for people with dark skin and thin hair.

Hair Removal with NdYag Laser;

Nd-yag Laser is a laser with 1064 nanometers wavelength. It can be used in bronze skin and dark skin. It has been experienced that the desired energies can be reached without burning and staining. Fine hairs and facial skin will also be the right choice.

Is there a laser hair removal done to the bronze skin in summer?

Laser hair removal in bronze is not preferred in summer. This risk is not considered, since burns and stains may occur if the laser area is exposed to more sun. However, ND: YAG laser with deep nanometer can be applied to people with dark skin and black skin and bronze skin.

What should be the age of starting laser hair removal?

A definite age is not specified, but the average age is 14-16.

How many sessions with laser hair ends?

Since the physical structure and hair structure of each person is different, the duration of the session varies from person to person. The average session time for the armpit, leg and genital area is 4-8 sessions, for the face, arm and back areas this period is about 6-12 sessions.

Can I get hair removal on brown skin?

Brown skinned people can be laser made as long as the right device is preferred. Nd: YAG laser should be preferred when making laser for skinned people. The reason why it is not done with every device is; The laser is made by absorbing the light of the melanin pigment, and because people with dark skin have more melanin, there is a possibility of burning, blistering. Nd: YAG laser, the only device that does not create this risk, should be used.

Do the women who have laser epilation be damaged?

There is no evidence that laser hair removal can damage the ovaries. Since the lights applied in epilating only reach to the middle skin, it is not possible to spread them under the skin and internal organs.

What is the difference between needle hair removal and laser hair removal?

During the needle hair removal process, a thin needle is inserted into your skin. This needle must be submerged in the full plume. Afterwards, a small amount of electrical energy is given and the hair root is broken and the hair is removed. This process is done individually for each feather root. The biggest advantage of electrosis is that it can be applied to all types of hair and skin types.

Is there a scar after laser epilation?

Redness after laser epilation is expected to occur. Normally the application should end completely within a few hours following the application. However, a mild redness-like picture may be seen on sensitive skin or overdosed skin. This condition can be corrected with 1-2 days of treatment without traces. After laser epilation, the skin may be exposed to sunbathing or solarium, and in special cases such as hereditary pigmentation problem. In general, these cases are temporary and leave no trace in time.

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