Is excessive hair or hair growth treated with laser?

Laser hair removal can be used successfully to treat unwanted hair caused by hormonal disorders. However, hormonal disorders should be controlled by treatment. If it is not under control, it will not be effective with laser due to resistance.

In which parts of the body is excessive hair due to hormonal disorders?

Usually, hairs originating from hormonal disorders are seen in the jaw, cheek, ear, abdomen, chest, nipples, back and arm regions.

What are the causes of over-hair?

In women, the condition of excessive hair is quite disturbing for many people. Excessive hair growth in the face and body can be caused by genetic factors and hormonal disorders as well as the drugs used.

  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS); Symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome include excessive body hair, acne formation, irregular menstrual periods and difficulty in weight loss. Pelvic ultrasonography shows cysts in the ovaries.

Tumors or diseases of the adrenal gland; The adrenal gland produces other hormones as well as DHEAS, a type of androgen or male hormone. Diseases of the adrenal gland that cause excessive hair growth include Cushing’s syndrome and congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

  • Drugs: Oral cortisone, phenytoin, minoxidil and testosterone are drugs that cause excessive hair growth.
  • In postmenopausal women: A decrease in the estrogen hormone in women after menopause may cause an increase in testosterone hormone.
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