What are the Most Important Causes of Hair Loss in Women and Men

Depending on Genetic Features

It is the most common reason. It is necessary to look at the family history.

Due to General Body Diseases

  • Anemia
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Troid hormone disorders
  • Testetron increase in women
  • Medicines: various chronic drugs used for cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems, gout and high blood pressure medications
  • Seriously Stressed Situations
  • Overweight and overweight
  • Chronic diseases
  •  Diabetes

Some hairstyles:

Hairstyles such as excessive hair styling, stretched ponytail or excessively stretched hair picking can cause a type of hair loss called Traction alopecia. Straightener, blow dryer, keratin treatments, excess paint etc.

Due to Skin Diseases

Diseases progressing with a trace we call them alopecia with scarring; FFFA, Lichen pilanopilaris

Radiation therapy applied to the scalp

What are the symptoms and symptoms of hair loss?

Hair loss may start fast or slow, may be shedding or thinning, temporary or permanent, may only concern the scalp or whole body hair.

Gradual thinning above the head: This is the most common hair loss that increases as we age in both men and women. In men, the hairline starts to be pulled from the forehead, similar to the letter M. Women usually protect the hairline, they encounter a rarity behind.

Circular or irregular bald spots: Some people experience flat and coin-sized bald spots. This type of hair loss usually affects only the scalp, but sometimes it also occurs on beards or eyebrows.

In some cases, itching, burning, or pain may occur on the skin before hair loss. Redness, scars can be seen.

Sudden hair relaxation: A physical or emotional shock can cause hair to relax. You can lose a handful of hair while combing or washing your hair or even after a gentle pull. This type of hair loss causes general thinning rather than baldness.

Hair loss all over the body: Some conditions and medical treatments, such as chemotherapy for cancer, can cause hair loss all over your body. Hair usually grows back.


Genetic features (male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness) are caused by most baldness. This type of hair loss can be slowed and stopped if diagnosed early.

These tips can help you avoid preventable hair loss types;

  •     Tight hairstyles like braids and ponytails should be avoided
  •     We should avoid bending, rubbing or pulling your hair by force
  •     We must wash and brush your hair gently. A wide-toothed comb can help prevent hair from pulling.
  •     Avoid harsh treatments such as hot rollers, curling irons, hot oil treatments and permanent ingredients.
  •     Avoid medications and supplements that can cause hair loss.
  •     Protect your hair from sunlight and other ultraviolet light sources.
  •     Some studies show that there is a relationship between smoking and baldness in men.
  •     A cooling cap can reduce hair loss during treatments with chemotherapy


  •     Story
  •     Examination
  •     Blood test
  •     Tensile test
  •     Biopsy
  •     Light microscope
  •     Treatment

There is treatment according to the cause of hair loss. Hair breaking, telogen eff, genetic hair loss,

Medical treatment methods:

  •     Cause oriented treatment
  •     Minoksil
  •     Finasteride
  •     Dutaserid
  •     OKS, Sprinolactone
  •     Laser treatments
  •     Stem cell therapy
  •     cloning

Cosmetic closure methods:

  •     prostheses
  •     Anti-contrast and volume-increasing hairstyles
  •     SMP
  •     topically

What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the process of removing the hair from the safe areas programmed to prevent hair loss and transferring it to the sparse or open area.

What methods hair is made:

  •     FUE
  •     FUT

Can Natural Results Be Achieved With Hair Transplantation?

Almost 100% natural results can be obtained.

  •     Hairline should be planned naturally before the procedure.
  •      The required number of graft should be shipped.
  •     Procedures should be performed in accordance with the standards that will ensure the survival of grafts.

Is Hair Transplantation a Suitable Method for Women?

Yes, it is a suitable method for selected patients. The reason for hair loss should be correctly diagnosed.

  •      Genetic hair loss
  •     Scarred alopecies (treatment of scars on the scalp)
  •     Regeneration of the hairline in patients with wide forehead or those with hair behind.
  •     Eyebrow transplantation
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