Pore ​​Tightening

Pore ​​TighteningPore ​​Tightening, pores, blackheads and pimples are all related to the functioning of the sebaceous gland. Some skin based on genetic properties have more active sebaceous glands. The sebum that clogs and fills the outlet in the skin is produced too much and thus the pores grow.
When you have large pores, infections, bacteria and make-up particles become easier to leak into your skin. When particles fall below your primary skin layer, they may or may not cause skin reactions. Since the incision is not helpful at all, a laser system or a chemical peel, dermapen, such as dermapen, are used to treat large pores to minimize pores.

The main mechanism of action is collagen stimulation in all systems and it takes 12-16 weeks to see the full effect.

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